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Our mission is elaborating web-based tools able to improve the relationship among consumers,employers,business,real estate,public administration.These are the five classes focused where our attention is addressed to.
Our purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the relationships among those five classes previously focused,maybe in th utopian ,but for us desirable, perspective or a harmonic rebalancing among these sectors,in the general context of a new order of the exchange economy,formation of new ways to make business,the relocation of brains and operative forces in the picture of the best organization of the italian economy.
If for restarting it's necessary to start from Zero,what's important is to have the instruments to make up ground fast,and above all to respond fast to changes ythat globalization dictates.This is the ambitious puprose of,for which any help,contribution,suggestion is simply welcome.For any information contact the webmaster.
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